Thursday, November 04, 2004


Remember this? This is a picture of TVST, a classroom with TVs. In the 80s, those TVs were working fine. I remembered attending a class with no teacher. It felt different. The course were broadcasted through the TV sets. It's unfortunate that it's still like the 80s. In fact, it was better at that time since the TVs were working then. Now, they're dead.
[Picture taken: 4 November 2004, by Budi Rahardjo. You may use this picture freely.] Posted by Hello


Blogger Eddy SATRIYA said...

Mas Budi dan rekans,

Jangan terlalu sedih dengan TVST, you can make other facilities better than that, I am sure.
Oh ya..some how I feel blank when I was in Campus last week. My first question is "where I am? ITB or UGM?" I answer my own question. "I am not in ITB but in UGM..."Universitas Gedung Melulu".
Good Luck Mas...makanya "better spend more of your time for ITB, not for bureaucarcy in Jakarta...!" sorry bukan nyindir lho. ADa yang mau jadi deputi atau direktur di KOminfo?
BRavo!! Salam untuk semua.

Eddy Satriya

10:40 AM  
Blogger adinoto said...

Aih, gue pikir udah ga ada gedung ginian yang memorable setelah semua tergusur oleh gedung-gedung baru!! How lovely to refresh my memory hmm.. F5! God but it was already dead when I was there. I solemnly swear I'm not the one who broken that TV sir! :)) hahaha... Anyone remember when was the last time it is still on service?

Adinoto A. Kadir/

10:47 PM  
Blogger ICHI said...

saya sebagai angkatan 2004 justru ng pernah tau kalo itu TV Memang pernah berfungsi..

3:11 PM  
Blogger ICHI said...

karena sejak saya Test Psikotest Hingga sekarang, saya belum pernah melihat TV tersebut nyala,,

3:13 PM  

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