Friday, October 01, 2004

Post/news in Bahasa Indonesia or English?

We would like to ask you, the readers, about the language of this web site (blog). Should we use English or Bahasa Indonesia?

I would think that the majority of readers of this blog are ITB graduates. So, Bahasa Indonesia would be the choice. But, I could be wrong (as have been proven in many cases). Perhaps, there are those who are interested in ITB and could not understand Bahasa Indonesia. (Most ITB graduates are familiar with English anyway.) So, this is the chance to voice your opinion. Post your comments.


Blogger Arnold P. Siboro said...

Let's get real: it's very hard now to rebuild this nation without English proficiency. Indonesians are known for its low English proficiency even among fellow south east asians. So why don't we communicate in English whenever we can, like in this blog? We're one of the most multilingual nations on earth, so let's show the world we can adopt English without sacrificing Bahasa Indonesia, our nation's identity.

9:57 AM  
Blogger David M said...

Hey. Saw your site listed in Post/news in Bahasa Indonesia or English? and also found it in a page at that led me here. I think it was about graduates. Don't know who listed it. Oh well. TTYL

6:37 AM  

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