Thursday, September 30, 2004

Kuliah pagi ...

Mau tahu bagaimana kuliah saat ini? Gambar-gambar ini saya ambil dari kuliah saya (EL 2001, Dasar Pemrograman Berorientasi Obyek) pada hari Kamis, 30 September 2004. Terlihat mahasiswa ceria. Mungkin karena masih pagi (jam 8 pagi)? Atau karena memang mau dipotret saja? [Budi Rahardjo, 2004] Posted by Hello


Blogger Anto Satriyo Nugroho said...

Wah, jadi inget saat masih di IF. Pak Budi, kalau di Jepang biasanya kursi di depan dosen tidak terisi. Anak-anak memilih duduk menjauhi dosen. Jadi mengisi sisi kiri, sisi kanan, tengah dan belakang....jadilah setengah lingkaran. :-) Di gambar itu kursi belakangnya kosong. Mungkin kalau di ITB, kalau nggak duduk di depan kayaknya malu ya ?

4:20 PM  
Blogger adinoto said...

Mas Budi, Anto's comment reminds me a story from a friend of mine whose happen to be a very talented person studying at Stanford. He said that students there are very prepared for classes, therefore conversation and discussion are very intimate. People are rushing into front rows and ones whose not prepared are very intimidated since they seem like aliens.

How's climate down there at ITB these days? Are new reformist and GBT professors now adopting this approach? I remember a lot of old-timers professors are very scared-to-death to talk to, in my classes only few make an exception, among them whose very warm and close to students is like Prof. Tjia May On. New and young teachers are starting to breaking the ice. Mr. Satria Bijaksana, yourself, and the rest I perceived are considered a very approachable and good role models.

I hope more and more new Professors are adaptive to this situation.

Also tell us more about how's the new campus atmosphere today aside of physical changes would be a great info for us too.

8:08 AM  
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